Anastasia Shcheglova Black Lingerie Topless Tease-O-Rama

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bill-swift - January 14, 2017

You know what I call a person who sends me one wicked hot set of photos of Anastasia Shcheglova all kinds of passion inducing in and out of little lacy black bra and panties? That's right, my new best friend. Thanks to EgoReader 'Efron' for making my day, night, and a little bit again into the next day if I'm being honest with these stunning frontside, backside, and all around side ridiculously hot photos of my favorite Russian model still in Russia.

For all the stern and conflict oriented talk about Russia these days, let us now forget it is a land that produces tremendous model talent. Model talent not afraid to remove their clothes for the glory of Mother Russia. Also, getting more notice in the West. A double threat for the outstanding double funbags of Anastasia. And that rump. Oh, man. This is surely what heaven looks like. Or Hell if you can only look and never touch. Wow, I just cried briefly. Enjoy.