Anastasiya Scheglova Topless With A Gun

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michael-garcia - September 22, 2016

Sexy Russian model Anastasiya Scheglova is a hot topless James Bond with jugs and a gun. I don't care how you fall on the gun control debate, these pictures are hot. Anastasiya has a terrific pair of funbags. I wish I could shove my face between them and motorboat them until dawn. Once she puts down the gun, of course. I don't want to accidentally get shot in a motorboating incident. Anastasiya is quickly becoming one of my favorite topless models. She's been blowing up lately and coming across our desk here at Egotastic with increasing frequency. That is a sure fire way to measure a model's success. We only report on the best and hottest, after all. It's sort of in our mission statement.

I would like to take Anastasiya out for some borscht or whatever they eat in Russia and some vodka drinks. Lots of vodka drinks. Like, a lot a lot.  


Photo Credit: Yuri Shalimov