Andrea Smidt Danish Topless Beach Villa Delights

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bill-swift - December 23, 2016

There are those times you simply want to say, hey, waiter, do you happen to have any up and coming young wicked hot Danish models posing topless in glorious exhibition near the beach? If they're all out, leave the establishment immediately. If they have Andrea Smidt on the menu, welcome to your new favorite local hangout.

In these stellar hot Mikkel Kristensen photos, the rising Danish star bares her hot body complete with tan lines and a robust amount of heavenly inspired dreams in the most alluring of fashions. Au natural and fancy free with stupendous bare sweet sunshine melons for the gentleman ogler to delight and revel. Also perhaps some other expressions of emotion that requiring cranking up the Best of Def Leppard tracks and telling the bowling team you might be late for the match. Such is the power of one sextastic young woman without her top on. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Mikkel Kristensen