Angel Lin’s Hip Nude Shoot!

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Tex Hollywood - August 28, 2020

I don't know if the concept of HIPSTER still exists, it seems like HIPSTERS have morphed into other things, these things happen.

You know from obscure to mainstream, where everyone in the world basically became a third wave coffee drinking, braless American Apparel looking model, despite American Apparel going bankrupt.

Miley jumped on the hipster thing, Bella Thorne is the new version of hipster and everyone basically followed suit. So hip because everyday, but as far as I'm concerned, hip still exists, because these shoots that have some level of "weird" artistry to the nudity, which could pass for some level of "fashion" all while being out of focus...or black and white, are hip even if hip is a dated thing of the past.

The model is Angel Lin, her instagram is HERE


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