Angelique Morgan Topless Flash On The Beach

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michael-garcia - August 19, 2016

Giant-breasted hottie Angelique Morgan showed off her best assets when she flashed her bare ta-tas on the beach. It seems that the buxom blond was minding her own business in a tiny bikini when some dude she was with pulled the top down and paraded her around for all to see. She appears to be laughing so it looks like she doesn't care. This is Angelique Morgan we're talking about here and she's quite fond of showing off her mighty teetons. As she should. If one has funbags of that magnitude one is almost obligated to display them for all the world to see. To not do so would be selfish. No one wants to be accused of being selfish, do they?

The real hero is the dude who pulled the top down. I'd like to buy that guy a beer. Good going melon flashing top puller downer guy. 


Photo Credit: Splash