Anni Black And White Naked In Nylons

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michael-garcia - August 17, 2016

Hot model Anni did a super sexy spread in black and white for S Magazine. She has on nylons that strategically has the crotch removed for easy access to her lady mound. Convenient. I like that she's got some nice foliage on her mons. Maybe I'm just old fashioned but I like a woman with a bit of fuzz. Not too much, mind you. Not full 70's bush, but a little is nice. In some of the other pics she adds some bondage-looking stuff which is nice if you are in to that kind of thing. Her rack is also pretty great. She's got some tender perkies that point slightly upwards which gives them a mischievous air. It's like they are up to something. 

This Anni girl is going places if she's this sexy and willing to take her clothes off. That's a combination that leads to more jobs taking your clothes off for money which, really, is the goal. 


Photo Credit: S Magazine