Anthea LeBrocq Nude Dystopia

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aldo-vallon - August 4, 2017

I find a few of Anthea LeBrocq’s tattoos to be a little misleading. Take the thirteen written on her sideboob as an example. That implies bad luck, but how could any man who sets his eyes on it consider himself unlucky? Unless of course, she is a succubus or something, but even then it kind of seems worth it.  

Where were they able to find a place that was so ravaged as to convincingly depict a post-apocalyptic setting? Oklahoma? It had to be Oklahoma? Is it tornado season already? Or was the place not like that originally and they had to pay the locals to mess it up a bit? I bet it did not even cost much money to have it done. They could have just walked into the local bar and told the men Anthea was going to be walking around it in the nude taking pictures. After they would have had to run for cover as the men made a stampede to the building with all their heavy equipment. Next time they should have a newsletter sent out to let everyone know in advance where the next shoot is going to be. That way we can follow them around like a Grateful Dead tour messing up their buildings.

Photo Credit: Ryan Myers