Apparently Caylee Cowan Had a Bad Halloween!

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Echo Lawrence - November 4, 2020

Caylee Cowan is a young actress and producer from LA who's been making the rounds in the right circles and getting a lot of attention. She got a bit too much attention on the night before Halloween when she was papped wearing a very revealing Tinkerbell costume while making her way into Dan Bilzerian's party. On the night of Halloween Caylee attempted to attend another party but apparently it was just all too much for her and she went home crying and wrote songs... very deep. If you've seen the pap pics you know the photo Caylee posted is a little off so here is a little Instagram VS Reality caught in the wild. See the full wardrobe malfunction in the gallery below!

Halloweenkend was great except on Halloween eve Tinker-bell broke her phone and lost all her contacts and had a wardrobe malfunction and her friends came home angry at each other and Goldilocks got all gussied up but got flashed by paps when she walked outside only to get into her car and cry then stay home and write a song about it.



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