Vanessa Paradis in Harpers Bazaar!

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Tex Hollywood - November 24, 2020

Vanessa Paradis is Johnny Depps long time girlfriend, he has 2 kids with her, one you may know as Lily Rose Depp because she's hot.

There were rumors that Amber Heard was a home-wrecker who seduced Johnny Depp from his family in France into her trap, because home-wrecking was just scratching the surface of her capabilities, which have evolved into life-wrecking.

Despite the issues Depp and Paradis may have had over the years, she claimed that he was a kind, generous, attentive, non-violent person and father. They were together for 14 years!

So maybe Heard just brings out the worst in him, and really this is more a post to celebrate that Paradis still looks amazing, despite having 2 grown kids.

I know she's not nude in these, but there's just something about Paradis, and I guess if she's good enough for Johnny Depp, she's good enough for you to check out!


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