Ariel Is Now Officially Our Favorite Playboy Plus Model And Well, You’ll See Why

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earl-jonas - October 2, 2019

This past July we got some amazing looks at Playboy Plus model Ariel - yes, including a peek at back burger - and now she's back with another spread - which between you me and Dupree might just be a continuation of her July shoot - that's just hot enough to cement her as our favorite Playboy Plus model in the history of the world part one. It appeared in Playboy Portugal, and well, me foda. Guess what that means in Portuguese.

Honestly Ariel has a face that's as gorgeous as any A-list celebrity and a body that's so excruciatingly tight that the fact that it comes complete with a plump squeezable booty and perkilicious nips seems too good to be true. This has to be a titty mirage. Is it a titty mirage? Have I finally lost touch with realititty? Ariel is so hot she's sending me down an existential spiral. Enjoy...

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