Atlanta R&B Singer Abra Performs With Hard Nips On Display In See Through Little Top

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aldo-vallon - May 30, 2018

The only Abra that I am familiar with is a Pokemon who has psychic abilities. If this singer has half the skills of that Pokemon then it is easy to see how she can be part of the lucky few who make it as singers. Being able to hypnotize your crowd could really have its financial benefits.

If I could do life all over again I think I would pursue becoming a hypnotist. I imagine it never gets old making a person eat an onion instead of an apple, so it is probably difficult to have bad days. And since everyone needs a fall back plan I would have a minor in pickpocketing. That is the kind of handy skill that a poor untalented hypnotist could really make use out of.

Unfortunately I know those career fields are just pipe dreams. I lack both the silky smooth voice needed for hypnotism, as well as the dexterous fingers needed for pickpocketing. It is probably for the best, my conscience probably would not allow me to get away with much anyway. I used to lose sleep over grabbing two pieces of candy from the prize bin in grade school.


Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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