Audrey Bradford Shoulder Licking

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egoadmin - February 13, 2020

Audrey Bradford has over 400,000 followers on social media and she runs brand deals on her feed. Her instagram can be found HERE .

I celebrate all women who find their sexuality and use it in photoshoots on the internet. I empower any girl willing to get nude or half nude in a photoshoot. I don't care if the woman in question is the hottest or if she looks like she should work at wall mart. I just appreciate their hustle.

I remember trying to recruit girls to get naked in one of my experimental video projects when I was in college, and it was impossible. Even offering to pay them 100 dollars which back in the 1940s when I was in college, at least that what it feels like, was a lot of money. Even the most liberal girls who I had already seen naked said "No fucking way" when video was involved. So I was stuck replacing them with red cabbage. My nude girl in my video became red cabbage...and basically ruined any chance I had.

So, I'm happy that things have shifted. We need more Audrey Brandfords in the world....and it seems like we're getting them as more and more girls turn to nudity. Great news for us!