Avril Alexander Topless Goddess

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michael-garcia - July 18, 2016

Ultra-sexy model Avril Alexander was looking good enough to eat in these topless swimsuit pics. It starts out already smoking hot with Avril showing off her killer body in a swimsuit  by a pool. She's smoking a cigar, which appeals to the Cuban in me. Then she starts to lose the clothes and things get really exciting. She's got some wonderful perkies with the slightly upturned nips that make the ta-tas look like they are down for whatever. Her booty is also something spectacular. I'd sure like to go skinny dipping with her in some expensive looking pool and smoke cigars. In fact, I'm pretty sure that's my every dream come true. 

I am totally in love with Avril. She makes a man want to settle down and buy a house out in New Jersey and raise some kids. And then at night, things get interesting. 


Photo Credit: Bamba Swimwear