Azita Ghanizada Panties Flash By Grace of the Wind

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bill-swift - August 14, 2013

You may know Azita Ghanizada from her sextastic performance on Entourage or more recently in Alphas on SyFy, or you may just know her as of right now from leering at her panties beneath her wind blown dress. All three of these make wonderful ways to meet Azita, perhaps the hottest girl I've ever met from Kabul, and I've dated a few. I mean, pen pals really.

Sometimes it's easy to believe that nature is conspiring against you or the supernatural forces aren't lined up quite behind you, but every time I see the wind gust at just the right moment to flash a hot girl's panties, I know somebody up there is watching out for all of us gentleman oglers. It's comforting. Enjoy.