Barbara Islas Drop Dead Latina Soap Star Sextastic

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bill-swift - February 20, 2015

Hola, crazy hot Barbara Islas from south of the border. Another in the line of sextastic brunette telenovela and TV starlets who appear without many clothes in the local men's magazines because they care more than their counterparts to the north. Okay, that might be a generalization, but TV stars outside the U.S. do seem to understand the more appropriate forms of public relations, such as rolling around in a bed holding their own funbags looking all kinds of sextastic for the cameras.

Barbara Islas, I'm not prepared to say we could spend our lives together just yet. But I can confirm that we should give it a solid go for 24 hours with the DND sign hanging from the handle of my Red Roof Inn suite door. In this manner, we can truly explore each other as people, and also sexual beings, with a big emphasis on the latter and only the former if we still have time. Latina soap stars with incredible ta-ta's give me all kinds of ideas. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: H Para Hombres Mexico


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