Beata Grabovska’s Random Topless Shoot!

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Tex Hollywood - November 9, 2020

Her name is BEATA INSTAGRAM where you will discover what I just discovered and that is that she's a model who has so much representation. I counted 14 different agents in multiple different places, so girl has some reach!

In this shoot, she has a few random and weird outfits, from white pantyhose in heels that look like some Disney Cartoon character to finged chaps made out of a pair of jeans like she's a modern day cowboy headed to the rodeo, to fishnets and decorative gypsy masks that probably won't protect from COVID, but who cares if it does, she's a girl worth getting COVD from as she poses in all this weirdness...

She is from Poland and this is her page where you can see her work to date but I am sure there's a lot more coming from Beata or thanks to Beata.


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