Belen Lavallen Sultry Topless Asstastic Bath Tub Play Time

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bill-swift - January 22, 2014

Do you happen to like celebrity model trainers from down Sudamericana way? What if I told you they were getting nekkid in a soap bathtub to show off their finely honed female forms? I thought so.

Belen Lavallen is a model and workout queen down Buenos Aires way, and that's about all I need to know of this incredible booty beauty showing off her wet and wild Latina hotness in the tub for H Para Hombres magazine. Oh, the wicked moist thumper on Belen is making me lose control of at least three of my five sense, not to mention some internal bodily functions. She is a dream inspirer of a rather noteworthy level. I think I need to be alone now with thoughts of two in the tub, a pile of loofas, and all sorts of sinful endeavors. Enjoy.