Bella Hadid Underboob on The Farm!

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Echo Lawrence - May 22, 2020

Bella Hadid couldn't help herself from posting some racy images from the family farm where she is self isolating, or social distancing, or hunkering down. Not that I actually believe anyone is actually following the rules of social distancing, but they pretend to and that's ok.

Her mom seems to have a crazy farm in Pennsylvania, with animals and lilacs and field hands. I have no idea why they chose Pennsylvania but the mom is Dutch, not Pensylvannia Ruth but if she was Bella and her naughty content would not be accepted, not even on Rumspringa. Do Pennsylvania Dutch do Rumspringa? Google can you hear me?

I am not complaining, I just think Bella Hadid is overrated, and content like this always makes her seem desperate despite being overrated, and it's all so weird.

What isn't weird is how hot that body is! Keep up the life changing, Pulitzer Prize worthy work.


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