Bella Thorne Nipples Taped In Totally See-Through Mesh Top

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aldo-vallon - January 11, 2019

I do not know how tartan miniskirts became the pinnacle of sexiness, but somehow the human race managed to decide it with a unanimous vote. It doesn’t matter what culture a person comes from, he could be a cattle herder from Africa that has never seen western clothing in his life, he still knows to pay the miniskirt the proper respect.

I feel like that is a hell of a compliment to pay someone. I mean, some African tribes wear pretty minimal clothing, so for them to say that our minimal clothing is better would be quite the triumph. This is all theoretical, though.

I actually have no idea how the tribal Africans feel about our tartan miniskirts. It is safe to assume that they would worship them as a new god because everyone else in existence has, I just haven’t had the opportunity to test it. For some reason they are not returning my emails. It’s really starting to offend me.

Bella Thorne is taking the sleaziness of the skirt to new levels when the rest of her outfit is taken into account. High boots, see-through shirt, and short skirt are like the holy trinity for inducing horny feelings.




Photo Credit: Instagram / Twitter/ Backgrid USA