Bella Thorne’s See Through Shirt in the Club

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egoadmin - January 9, 2020

These pictures of Bella Thorne with two watches on are circulating. I am not sure when they were taken but I have a feeling their appeal has nothing to do with the fact that she's got those two watches on but everything to do with the fact that you can see her full tit.

Now I am not one to judge a woman for nipples, I am just happy to see the nipple, and since each nipple is like a snowflake, unique it its own way, I celebrate all nipples as the equals they are....even if some are weirder than others.

I know there are pale nipples, tiny nipples, long nipples, thick nipples, light nipples and dark nipples, inverted nipples and saucer sized nipples, there are puffy nipples and there are....I am feeling like Bubba Gump listing off SHRIMP Dishes...how about I just post the damn pics.