All The Very Best Of: Demi Moore’s Sextastic Nude Scenes

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aldo-vallon - February 26, 2018

If you ever need proof that all a man needs in order to land a bombshell lady is money and/or fame then you need look no further than Demi Moore. This little vixen married Bruce Willis when she was still in her prime. Without money that knob nosed cue ball would be married to the waitress at the diner where he’d work as a short order cook.

Demi Moore is so beautiful that when she shaved her head for G.I Jane I was still aroused in a completely hetero way. It set me up for a huge disappointment in regards to my expectations for the type of women that I would see in the military. Instead of looking like Demi’s they looked closer to bulldogs with face lifts.

It is always a humbling moment when a woman gets the better of me. Whether that be by doing more pull ups than I can do, or leaving the bar with the lady that I was trying to pick up, it makes me paranoid that my man card is going to get revoked. I already have so many demerits on it that the next time a woman spits further than me could serve as the last straw.

Photo Credit: Mr. Skin