Beth Humphreys Covered Topless Lingerie Outstandingness for Loaded

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bill-swift - December 12, 2013

Editor's Note: some or all of the media previously associated with this post has been updated or removed.
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As you well know, I'm in full blown lust for Beth Humphreys, anything, everything, and best of all, wearing nothing. Or as close to it as possible, as she is in little bits of lingerie and hand-bras covering just a minimal bit of her outrageously hot body in this wicked Loaded magazine pictorial.

I see so many places where I would begin my virtual picnic upon Beth's fine female form. It might just confuse me as to how to proceed. Like Disneyland, you need a plan of attack as to which rides to hit first, and when. I can only hope Beth accepts my 'Fast Pass' excuse when I get a little overexcited and I need to leave the park early. There, I just sullied up Disney. Enjoy.