Bianca Balti for Yamamay Swim!

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Tex Hollywood - September 17, 2020

Bianca Balti is the 36 year old Italian model who you may or may not be familiar with, but should be familiar with, she's been a HUGE model for over a decade, because she's got an incredible look, but also, because she was a Victoria's Secret model.

She is still doing the half naked thing, this time for another brand called Yamamay, where you can see her expertise, her experience, her 10,000 hours of doing this, in a "you can't teach an old dog new tricks when they have mastered the only trick they really need to make it count". Not that I am comparing her to a dog, it's a figure of speech feminist media who thinks we are the worst for celebrating a model and the work she puts out there, like we are the ones involved in the whole process!! Jerks!

Here's a video:


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