Romee Strijd Sexy in Lingerie

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Echo Lawrence - March 24, 2020

By now we all know that Victoria’s Secret brand has been taking a new turn when it comes to the models they use in their campaigns. The brand has been under attack for a while for using super skinny models and promoting “unhealthy beauty standards” most likely by all overweight women who get upset and jealous when they see girls like Romee Strijd rocking the hell out of lingerie.

Victoria’s Secret doesn’t even design nice stuff, so the entire appeal all along was seeing the hottest women in the modelling industry strut around in barely there clothing.

In their new campaign, the brand used older women, fat women and ugly women to show their inclusivity, but they still (thankfully) used Romee Strijd to model their new line of lingerie. Stick to your roots VS, the hotties are the only ones we care to see, if I wanted to see an old lady in lingerie I’d just go to J.Lo's IG.


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