Yuliana Peixoto Topless with Plastic Sheets!

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Tex Hollywood - March 26, 2020

Before the COVID-19 crisis, I would look at plastic sheets differently.

Maybe from an American Psycho positioning, where girl is about to get taken out by the photographer she met on instagram. You could also look at it from a porn perspective where the plastic sheets are used to protect from a watersports incident. Never trust plastic sheets.

I now look at it from a COVID-19 perspective, thinking "I need to wrap my entire house in that". Some ET level of "let me create a dome around my house to keep me and my family safe.

I guess I used to discriminate plastic sheets.

Yuliana Piexoto is a nude model, who is not nearly followed enough on INSTAGRAM , but maybe this is the start of her going viral and not in a COVID way, she's got the plastic sheet to protect her. Duh.


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