Big Brother Contestant Lisa Clark Topless Bikini Hanging Out Beach Time in Australia

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bill-swift - January 7, 2015

I guess there's not a country left in the world where Big Brother isn't rather big news. I'm pretty sure you could go to the farthest reaches of this planet and find Big Brother Antarctica or Big Brother Madagascar if you had the right antenna. But Big Brother Australia is our destination today. And contestant Lisa Clark who made some waves today Down Under by pushing her bare yams toward Mother Sun for a little UV love at the beach.

Now, some countries are pretty funbag friendly on their Big Brother content, but Australia being more like the U.S. in its prude prudence, visualizing Lisa Clark topless is quite the thing. The things really. And not too shabby at that. I love it when a plan I never planned comes together. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: INF


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