BIRTHDAY SUIT: Goldie Hawn’s Entire Career Of Skintastic Nudity In Film

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aldo-vallon - November 21, 2018

Goldie’s oldies are a stunning glimpse into what a dancer’s body used to look like. Not an ounce of unnecessary mass to be seen. That is a far cry from the bodies we see today. They are basically legs with brains attached at this point, and I am not so sure about that second trait.

The tookus of Goldie Hawn is rarely seen today. Squats have become too fundamental an exercise in the female psyche. I love how far we have come in the fitness arena, it is one of the main things that I am thankful for in our generation, and yet I still find myself appreciating the vintage booty.

I suppose that is why MILF has always been a popular category on certain areas of the internet. As women age, and if they age gracefully, they tend to keep the traits from their prime. It isn’t like Goldie would suddenly become obsessed with her butt and start doing pelvic thrusts for the duration of her workouts. She’s set in her ways, and the people who have a soft spot for that just might develop a hard spot.



Photo Credit: Mr. Skin