BIRTHDAY SUIT: Marisa Tomei’s Smoking Hot Topless Scenes For Her Big Day

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aldo-vallon - December 4, 2018

I am hard-pressed to decide what I find the hottest about Marissa Tomei. Her boobs are a real eye catcher, especially since they are visible in every one of these pics, but I am leaning towards something else. I think Marissa’s thick locks steal the show.

Her hair rivals that of Julia Roberts, only Julia could barely bare to give us a nip. That kind of slight is not something that I will forgive easily. I know that what she did is not so much a slight as it is a withholding, but I feel slighted. It feels like a personal insult on her part to people that she has never met.

Marissa, on the other hand, has been loose with the caboose for years now. She is a woman of the people in that sense. Unlike the previously mentioned actress who keeps her body on lockdown even in the role of a prostitute, Marisa takes what it means to be a stripper seriously. She is not going to tarnish the good name of strippers everywhere by keeping her clothes on. That would make the strip club just a club. And even they can get pretty loose with the rules.




Photo Credit: Mr. Skin