Blanca Blanco’s Wardrobe Malfunction During Photo Shoot

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aldo-vallon - December 6, 2017

 I feel as though this situation is pushing the limits of the phrase wardrobe malfunction. Technically it is correct since she probably did not intend to show her boobs to the world (at this time), but how much faith can a person reasonably put into a robe? The thing is designed to barely cover up your goodies, it ain't a trench coat after all.

If I were to walk around in nothing but a robe and panties, at the beach no less, then I would understand that the chances are high that everyone present will get a good view of at least one nut. Hell, there is a good chance that will happen if I am in my normal beach attire once I get a couple drinks in me. What, am I supposed to pretend I am at church, or something? It is the beach; once we all get in the water it might as well be a giant bathtub. 

The biggest question I am left with is what is going on around her ankles? Is she under the country's strictest house arrest, or are both her ankles sprained? Maybe those are leashes to her shoes like surfers have to their boards.  

Photo Credit: Backgrid USA

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