Blonde Hottie Alberte Valentine Topless

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michael-garcia - July 27, 2016

Blond bombshell Alberte Valentine gets topless and then some for your viewing pleasure. The pictures are in black and white, so you know it's artistic. What's really a work of art are her perfect ta-tas. They are just the right size and have some amazing slightly puffy nipples that make a man want to do a double take. These are what breasts are ideally like. If Plato were here he would say that they are the Platonic Form of a set of jugs. They are the hooters against which all others should be judged. But then she takes off the rest of her clothes and things become really interesting. That butt, y'all. It is also a friggin' masterpiece of engineering. I'd like to shake her parent's hands to congratulate them on creating such a perfect booty. 

I look forward to seeing more from Alberte. I am unfamiliar with her work but I'm certainly going to keep an eye out. She's got a future if she keeps doing stuff like this. 


Photo Credit: Point Seven Mach