Bombshell Model Shera Bechard’s Beautiful, Classy, and Seductive Nude Shoot

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aldo-vallon - June 11, 2018

I find it strange in these photo shoots when a woman goes through the effort of removing all of her clothing but leaves her jewelry on. In my experience that is the kind of stuff that they cannot wait to take off. No one wants to risk joking on an earring of getting choked out by a necklace. And yet here Shera Bechard is with that necklace dangling between her breasts. It is really taking me out of imagining the otherwise perfectly realistic scenario of her being naked in my bed.

It is not only a safety issue. I also do not want to be on the hook for breaking any of their jewelry. I have no idea what those kinds of things cost. Shera could have gotten that necklace from a Chuck E. Cheese but if she told me it cost her two grand I would believe her and end up paying. So in an act of self-preservation I have a no jewelry policy in my bedroom. They can place all of their possessions in a plastic bag, like they are being admitted into prison, and leave it outside the door.


Photo Credit: Playboy Plus