Boy Meets Worlds Maitland Ward Banned On Snapchat for Nudity

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bill-swift - June 30, 2017

Word on the street is that our belusted ginger curvaceous friend Maitland Ward has been banned from Snapchat. Quite a display of hypocrisy if this is over Maitland sharing her hot bodily female form in all its soapy showery goodness, whilst millions of teen girls do the same in secret for their high school classmates. Snapchat is literally built off of private conversations of the naughty kind. Is it worse that it's in public and a veteran hottie with some years of sweetness showing under her? They seem to think so.

Maitland, we stand ready to fight for your right to visually party. I'll stand by your side. Well, maybe behind you with the loofah to capture any loose suds clinging to your stellar body. Plus I'm a pacifist if that means I constantly need suckling on a plump lady melon. I'm better with moaning sounds than actual words.

This seems like a travesty upon an injustice wrapped in a hot naked lady. This would needs more veritas. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Snapchat