Brandi Glanville Bares Her Butt On Instagram For The #10YearChallenge

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aldo-vallon - January 18, 2019

Why can’t there be more trends like the #10yearchallange on social media? With it giving the excuse for more women like Brandi Glanville to show their butts, it almost makes the headache that is social media worth it.

Now I see what I have been missing out on in life by not taking regular photos of my butt. I have no way to tell how it is aging because there is nothing to compare it to. I might as well be comparing it to a couple of hams that are sitting behind the counter of a deli.

There is actually a little bit of hope in regards to my penis. Not that I have any photos on record from ten years ago, but there are a couple of girls that I could reach out to. I am sure they’ve had them safely stored away for all of these years. Those pics are probably the highlights of those girls lives. If only my thinking had been diverse enough back then to include my butt.

That is so typical for the penis to bogart the camera. It is probably jealous because people laugh when they get mooned by a stranger, but cringe when they get flashed.





Photo Credit: Instagram / Mr. Skin