Brazilian Megan Fox Claudia Alendes’ Nip Slip On The Beach

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aldo-vallon - July 18, 2018

I hope other countries continue to step up their game and produce their own versions of aging American celebrities. Seeing a Brazilian Megan Fox was not something that I knew I even needed in my life, but now that I have seen her I cannot imagine life without her. This makes me wonder what other celebrity lookalikes I am missing out on.

Could there be an Japanese Jennifer Aniston across the Pacific still waiting to be discovered? That right there is something that I know I am missing out on. As splendidly as Aniston is aging, even she cannot beat the constant creep of the grim reaper. With that in mind, I take comfort in knowing that there can be some good to come out of the world’s exploding populations. More people means there is more of a chance that Asian Aniston becomes a real thing.

One of the benefits to being famous is that you greatly increase your chances of discovering your doppelganger, and that opens up a while host of possibilities. My best chance at meeting my lookalike would be if one of us gets arrested for a serious crime, but by that point it kind of defeats the purpose.


Photo Credit: Splash News