Brielle Sharpe See Through and Amazing!

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Tex Hollywood - September 15, 2020

Brielle Sharpe who you can find on INSTAGRAM and you should, just after you scroll through this shoot, that I have no idea what it is for, but I don't care. She's hot.

It seems like she's an LA Based model, she's repped by Elite, who you should know created their logo to look like an erect penis, it's a little known fact that would get a model agency cancelled in this era of woke, but in the heyday of 1972 when John Casablancas founded the agency, it was a bit more rock and roll, and thus better.

I know that model agency tidbit really doesn't matter, when we are here for Brielle's great performance, where she's in a sheer nightgown that feels very 1972 to me, not that I was alive in 1972, but I've seen movies man!

Now check out the shoot!


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