British Hottie Edie Campbell Topless

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michael-garcia - September 15, 2016

British bad girl Edie Campbell gets topless for our viewing pleasure in Industrie Magazine. She's smoking in the pictures so you know she's bad news. But the good news is that she takes her bra off and shows us her tasty perkies. Sure, they aren't mammoth sized pendulous funbags but sometimes you want something a little more manageable. Dealing with giant ta-tas all the time can be exhausting. You sometimes need a palate cleanser. Not that Edie's jugs aren't attractive, they are. I bet she knows how to get into trouble in a good way. She strikes me as the kind of girl who knows how to party. I don't know here personally so I can't vouch for that for certain but it's a hunch. 

I don't like girls who smoke in real life but in a picture, especially in black and white, it can look really sexy. 


Photo Credit: Industrie Magazine