Victoria’s Secret Model Britt Maren Topless Modeling

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bill-swift - July 12, 2016

Any time a Victoria's Secret model does anything anywhere in the world involving her clothes coming off, a red phone blinks in my office. It's not a real phone, but it still blinks. I think it's actually made of gummy. Neat gift. It alerts me to the fact that extreme hotness is out there baring her top and I need to get the Egotastic radar turned on with some more quarters and the juice I steal from my neighbors.

Britt Maren is a spectacularly sextastic lingerie model and occasionally topless model as in this killer shoot from Flynn Skye, showing off the fine assets of Britt and her bared boobtastic. It was worth the early morning, before 10am wake up call. I wouldn't bleed for you, but I would skip my kippers and eggs to share wicked fine female form shots of the likes of Britt Maren. Steady as she goes. So damn hot, release the Kraken! Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Flynn Skye