Brunette Beauty Kler Has A Body Worth Checking Out

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aldo-vallon - May 22, 2018

What a tremendous amount of useless pillows Kler has on that bed. Why even bother?

Would she not be better served and her money better spent by the purchase of a few goose down pillows? Maybe even mis it up with a couple different kinds. One that can keep you cool. One that is memory foam. That way she has her bases covered, and when she has a guest she can impress them by catering to their needs. But the pillows she has on display would not even be suitable for prisoners of war. There is no cuddling those bricks, and some of the patterns could induce seizures.

I am not even certain how to go about washing those pillows. Does the whole thing go into the machine, because then you can only fit in a couple for each load. Or are they supposed to go to the dry cleaner, because that would be expensive. By the way, I am still in awe that there is a process that can wash fabrics without getting them wet. It sounds like something from the future, and yet it has been around for decades. That is wild stuff.


Photo Credit: Nubiles.net

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