Cailin Russo Topless Hotness

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michael-garcia - July 29, 2016

Sexy Cailin Russo lost her top in this hot photoshoot out in the desert. For most of them she is wearing nothing but a bunch of necklaces up top. Cailin has a nice set of perkies that peek through the necklaces or pop out from the fur coat thing she's wearing even though she's in the desert. No one said that these pictorials make any sense. In fact, the least sense they make the better. Really, who cares as long as you have hotties like Cailin with their chichis hanging out. After all, sexy girls showing you their jubblies is the stuff that dreams are made of. 

She had the bad taste to star in a Justin Bieber video. I guess maybe she needed the money. No one is perfect, even if they have a great pair like Cailin. 


Photo Credit: Nike Miller