Camille Rowe Topless For GQ Italy

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michael-garcia - October 31, 2016

Unbelievably hot Camille Rowe got topless and then some for GQ Italy. She starts off in some frilly see-through lingerie that normally would be enough to get my motor running. But then she takes all of that off and gets in the shower. I don't know what it is, maybe it's the popularity of sexy shower scenes in 80's movies when I was growing up, maybe it's just the idea of getting clean to get dirty. I don't know, but a hot lady in a shower is perhaps the hottest thing outside of actual full on sexytime. Camille has a gorgeous pair of globes that are so perfectly round and big that they create their own gravity where other smaller ta-tas orbit around them. Then there is her booty which makes me want to sing. Luckily, this is the Internet so you don't have to hear me.

Our GQ in America does sexy pics but not like this. That's why the Europeans are more sophisticated than us, with their openness towards nudity. 


Photo Credit: GQ Italy