Canadian Actress Michelle Vawer Topless

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bill-swift - June 28, 2016

Tasty thespianic from the Canuckian side of the tracks, Michelle Vawer, obliged the oglers who leer among us with one topless photo in her set of stylish swimsuit photos for Asbury Adams. I've always said, if you're going to be pimping clothes, you first need to be pimping no clothes on your beautiful models. I'm still waiting for that quote to show up in the list of great quotes.

Michelle is kind enough to reveal her fine female form in a manner that U.S. actresses simply almost never will. Which makes her my Great White North hero of the day. Also, I like the way she wears swimsuits. Acting is all about being willing to expose yourself and your most personal being. I think for the sextastic set we follow that necessarily means begin with topless glamour shots. Me and Lee Strasberg agree. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Asbury Adams