Caroline Madisons in the Bamboo Throne!

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Tex Hollywood - January 7, 2021

This is a shoot with a model and artist named Caroline Madison, who is an Asian Ginger according to her INSTAGRAM which I am sure is some rare kind of unicorn you rarely see.

She's based in Paris, works as a Make-Up artist along with her nude model work, and in this shoot she's taking the bamboo throne topless.

The chair is inspired by the film Emmanuelle, which for the cinephiles or the francophiles out there, you'll know was one of the first erotic movies to hit the mainstream. I haven't seen it in years and actually didn't remember the chair was even a thing, my foray into early erotic movies started with Deep Throat and sort of skewed in that direction ever since.

However, the wicker chair with the fan back that you'd expect to see at your hippie grandma's Florida home, is even called the Emmanuelle Chair on Etsy, because it was that iconic to the film, and luckily Caroline and her photographer were able to channel that, because breaking boundaries in sex and art in the 70s, is still relevant today and we like that!

Check out the shoot:

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