Celeb Big Brother Star’s Two or Three Wardrobe Malfunctions

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aldo-vallon - October 25, 2018

Can it still be considered a wardrobe malfunction when the outfit was made to have more skin exposed than it is covering? At that point you are really just dancing with the devil in my opinion. It is like wearing running shorts with no underwear. Yes, it is comfortable—It makes me feel like an Indian chasing after bison—but I know eventually a nut is going to pop out.

I hope Frenchie does not do any impromptu stretching while wearing that getup. It would be like the equivalent to Bruce Banner going green. The clothes would just disintegrate into the air and Frenchie would be standing there embarrassed as hell, like when Hulk turns back into the doctor.

Ok, maybe Frenchie wouldn’t be embarrassed, but other people would certainly feel embarrassed on her behalf. Maybe Frenchie is actually She-Hulk and that is why she is always seen wearing clothes that are torn to hell. Here I am making fun while she could have a legitimate medical condition. What an ass that would make me. It wouldn’t be as big as the ass that was made for her, but still pretty big.



Photo Credit: Splash News 


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