Celebrate Shark Week With Nature’s Chum – Celebrities On Their Periods!

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earl-jonas - July 31, 2019

While perusing the Horny Dark Web this morning looking for some phresh content, I discovered a Shark Week-themed playlist on Mr. Skin that includes scenes from movies and television featuring women on their periods. It's called "Shark Bait: Girls On Their Periods" and it makes me think of someone chucking menstruating women off a boat to attract sharks. This aligns with my values of putting women first and supporting women-owned businesses and Lena Dunham and all that, so naturally I stan. Or should I say... SNATCHurally ;)

Anyway these are the absolute hottest scenes ever of women bleeding out of their Hot Pockets. It's so sexy. These ladies will make you chum on yourself. Period.

[See the full Celebs on Their Periods playlist here]


Chen Ping in Kiss of Death


Samantha Robinson in The Love Witch


Candice Lewald in Hanger


Giada Colagrande in Black Widow


Kathryn Hahn in I Love Dick


Marine Vacth in The Double Lover

[See the full Celebs on Their Periods playlist here]