Charlie Riina Topless Star Of Jonathan Leder’s New Book

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bill-swift - March 31, 2016

Each night I have trouble picking out who will be the sextastic star of my nightly dreams that evening. I have thousands, but usually one running feature starlet per evening. It's a real struggle as my head lay upon my Star Wars pillow just figuring out how to narrow that voluminous list of potentials down to one lucky girl. Stellar hot girl photographer Jonathan Leder chose Playboy bodacious model Charlie Riina to be the central visual wonderment of his latest effort. You can judge for yourself what you think of his selection. I've been judging now for thirty minutes over and over again and am waiting for the blood to come back to my cranium before making my decision.

Jonathan likes the good looking girls that exude some kind of alt-edge for the camera. Charlie's large funbag talents are obviously a part of that, but in black and white you also get to see the troubled brooding side of Charlie you perhaps miss in sunshine bikini photos. There's definitely something of a plotting mind behind those eyes and just above those magnificent teats. Check out all the photos and see for yourself if you're not moved to view Charlie in a whole new light. Or just a whole different set of tingles. That works too. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Jonathan Leder's "Charlie"