Charlotte Carey Pierced And Topless

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michael-garcia - July 19, 2016

Professional sexy person Charlotte Carey showed off her pierced nips in this black and white arty photo spread. She stars out dressed, just a girl hanging out in an apartment in Soho or whatever. Then she decides to take it all off. I get it, it's hot right now and not everywhere has AC in New York. Charlotte has a nice set of perkies and she has one of them pierced. When I was a younger man I was indifferent to nipple piercings, that is until I had an encounter with a girl that had one. That's when I learned that a) it makes them more sensitive and b) they are usually down for whatever. I imagine that applies to Charlotte as well. One can never be sure of these things, but I have a strong feeling I'm right. 

It's OK for her to be naked because these pics are in black and white. That makes them art and not just a hot picture of a naked girl. Those are the rules. 


Photo Credit: Billy Kidd