Charlotte Church Topless Pictures

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bill-swift - July 26, 2005

Charlotte Church isn't really my kind of girl. She's cute-ish, and that whole opera thing is fine, but on your average day, she really doesn't do it for me. Charlotte Church topless, however, is a somewhat different story. Actually, it isn't really. I just know you're all going to want to see it, so here it is. Don't say I don't deliver.

Update: Well, that was fast. The pictures had to be removed because apparently, there's this thing called "copyright", and it means that I can't use the pictures or something. This whole concept is new to me, and I'm not even sure if not just some sort of prank, but they mentioned lawyers, so I'm not gonna fight. Still, what kinda weird-sounding word is "copyright"? I bet they just made it up.

However, there are some lovely Charlotte Church bikini pictures you can check out instead. Yeah, Ithought you might like that.