Charlotte Dawson’s Boob Falls Out

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aldo-vallon - February 6, 2019

It is no surprise that Charlotte Dawson’s boob fell out of that swimsuit. It is totally unsuited for that kind of activity. What that design was intended for was keeping a mindless baby close to its mother’s supply of milk. Without that little poop machine stuffed in there the material is simply too loose to keep anything contained.

Even if Charlotte did rent a couple of babies to prevent her boob poppage, I still do not think it would be a good idea for her and her boy toy to be rough housing like that. Accidents are bound to happen, and imagine what it would be like if it had been one of the babies that had fallen out! At least Charlotte’s boobs are permanently connected to her.

These are the kinds of things that us men need to take into account before chasing women around and physically picking them up at the beach. In the old days we could just chuck them into the water and have a laugh. Now we have to be worried about breaking their cell phones and rented babies. They would not be pleased on losing their deposits.




Photo Credit: Splash News / Backgrid USA / MEGA