Charlotte Springer Topless for Only Tease

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rusty-mattis - August 15, 2017

If it takes two hands to hold one can, that's a lady to love! I've always been fond of the ladies with the big boobs. I bet it would take more than two hands to hold Charlotte Springer's cans and you know what, I think we are all in love!

Charlotte Springer has some of the finest breasts I've seen in a good long time. You know, I don't know if "finest breasts" is actually the best way to describe Charlotte Springer's boobies. They are very large, quite round, and most of all, a complete pleasure to look at. Maybe it would be better if I said that Charlotte Springer has a grand pair of breasts. I kind of wish there was some kind of Grand Breasts Awards out there that we could nominate Charlotte Springer for. Let's just go ahead and make up the award. I nominate Charlotte Springer.

Photo Credit: Only Tease