Charlotte Springer Topless Racktastic Wonderments

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bill-swift - June 23, 2017

Whatever Charlotte Springer was wearing to start her photoshoot, quickly exploded into a wasted bit of clothing free from her hot curvaceous body, allowing her busty Funions to be free and dangle in the warm breezes of early summer. How I'd love to be that breeze flowing through Charlotte's dangle.

The uncompromisingly busty and exhibitionist glamour model signals the change of seasons by pantomiming how clothes are entirely useless nonsense, most especially when the sun is high and the weather is warm. They are a formality of a polite society that invents rules to restrain it's very own better instincts. Weird if you think about it, annoying if you really think about it, but a complete trifle if you don't think about it and peruse the pert and bubble melons Charlotte features.

My commitment to the message that hot funbags on racktastic ladies can cure the world of almost all of its ills remains as strong as ever. If only I had more supporters. Bless you, Charlotte. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Charleys